Speaking/Worship Leading


Are you are looking for a speaker/teacher or worship leader for a retreat, conference, or church gathering?  I’d love to chat with you! Please complete the  request form at the bottom of the page, and I’ll be in touch! Thanks!

If your event has a specific theme, please share that with me! I would love to work with you to meet the specific needs of your audience. But some of my recent speaking topics have included:

  • Between Sundays: It All Matters
    Practical Ideas for Living On-Mission 24/7 
    As Christ-followers we’re called to live on-mission in all spheres and facets of our lives. And each of us has a personal mission. What happens ‘between’ Sundays matters. It all matters! Never underestimate the importance of your influence during the week. Whatever season or stage of life you find yourself, you will be inspired to discover the everyday opportunities to encounter Christ and encourage others with His love between Sundays.

  • White Space: One Family’s Journey to Intentional Living 
    In each of our lives, we have many tasks to complete, responsibilities to fulfill, and relationships to nurture. Day after day, we are presented with a multitude of good opportunities; each vying for our time and attention. But where do we draw the line? How do we discern ‘good’ versus ‘best’? Learn how one family began to live more intentionally and purposefully invest in what matters most.
  • The Follower’s Toolbox: Essential Tools for the Journey of Faith.
    God didn’t call us to live frantic lives. He simply said, “Follow me.” And he is calling us back. Back to the beginning. Back to the basics. Back to being. We can not minimize the importance of pursuing a relationship with Christ and abiding in his presence. Acquire essential tools necessary for Christ-followers to deepen your relationship with Jesus.
  • Hospitality:  A Way of Life
    Hospitality is a natural extension of our lives as Christ-followers. Simply put, it’s a way to make others feel at home. When viewed as such, hospitality can be stress-free and life-giving. All we have belongs to God, and we are stewards called to open our hearts and homes to others. Discover the ease of practicing hospitality as a way of life in order to bless and serve.


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