Space For God Retreats


A Space for God Retreat is an invitation to enter into a time of quiet and solace before God amidst the chaos and busyness of everyday life, intentionally creating space to connect faith and the sacred ordinary of everyday life, and listening deeply for the voice of God in our own soul. At Space for God Retreats, I combine musical worship, teaching, storytelling, meaningful reflections on scripture, journaling, prayer exercises and individual time for silence and solitude to foster a deeper connection with God in order to more clearly discern his voice and leading in our lives. 

I lead single or multi-day retreats and days of reflections for adults and young adults, as well as for pastoral leadership teams and advisory boards from churches, non-profit organizations and various others groups. These retreats can be created and crafted to meet the needs of the individuals and organizations.


  • Leadership Retreat for Ministry & Leadership Boards of Churches, Non-profits, etc.
  • Church Staff Teams
  • Pastor and Spouse Retreats
  • Women’s Ministries 
  • All-Church Retreats
  • Christian School Staff Reflection Day

If you are interested in learning more about Space for God Retreats, or would like for me to facilitate a retreat for your church or organization, please complete the form below.