Soul Care and Spiritual Direction


Do you yearn for intimacy with God through experience, beyond traditional means of learning about God?

Do you struggle to connect to God in the midst of daily life? 

Do you want a safe, attentive, prayerful companion with you
on your spiritual journey? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you might find spiritual direction a wonderful addition to your life. 

What is soul care and spiritual direction?
Simply put, it is helping others create space to connect faith and the sacred ordinary of everyday life in order to deepen their relationship with Jesus and to share His love with others. 
Spiritual direction is the practice of coming alongside others to assist in recognizing the movement of God in their unique and individual stories. Spiritual direction offers a sacred, listening space to talk through the things that are pertinent to your spiritual journey, and to discover how the Holy Spirit is leading. And it’s also a time to reconnect with God’s love and wisdom for you as a child of God and follower of Jesus Christ.

How often do we meet?
Once per month. 

How long are the sessions?
One Hour.

What happens in the sessions?
Spiritual Direction includes silence, prayer, and listening.  Directees are invited to share what is happening in their life and how they feel God is a part of it, or not. Oftentimes, they share what they are learning from Scripture reading, prayer or other spiritual practices for which they are engaging.  As a spiritual director, I will ask non-leading questions that enable the conversation to go deeper while allowing for a greater understanding of God’s activity in the person’s life. Outside of the sessions, I regularly and intentionally pray for the directee. All that’s shared in spiritual direction sessions is held in complete confidentiality. 

Where do we meet?
Spiritual Direction sessions are held in quiet spaces, usually at my home office or church. Although I prefer to meet face to face, there are instances and occasions where I meet with directees via phone or Skype.

What kind of professional training have you received.
In addition to classes, internships, and other ministry trainings for my pastoral ordination, I have also completed a 2-year training program in the ministry of spiritual formation and direction through Soul Formation. As well, I continue to meet monthly with a spiritual director to care for my own soul and spiritual life with God.

How much does spiritual direction cost?
Each spiritual director establishes their own fee, and those can range anywhere from $0 – $100 per session. Oftentimes, in lieu of established fees, spiritual directors accept honorariums. This is my personal practice as a spiritual director. As such, each directee is asked to individually consider what their personal contribution might be. However, no one will be turned away for inability to pay. Your generosity helps me to continue to provide this ministry practice.