Our So-Called Life as Pastors: Finding Humor in the Hurt


Thankfully, my husband, Jon, and I can laugh about all of this now, but these are comments we’ve received over the last four years. Stay tuned: In the coming days, we’ll be sharing about how we’ve found “Healing in (and from) the Hard” because God does, indeed, bring healing in various ways, shapes, and forms.

[What’s inside the brackets: How we wanted to respond, but didn’t. Instead, we just smiled and silently ‘quacked’.]

•(To Jon) “I don’t believe you are following the Holy Spirit, so I’m leaving the church.”

[Really, this is their code for: “I don’t like what you’re doing, but I’m gonna make it super-spiritual, so it’s about you and not me needing to take personal responsibility.”]

•”The church is doing great: attendance up, strong and solid vision, we now have lots of kids attending, but we’re leaving.”

[😳Uhm, okay?!?!]

•(To Jon) “Your sermons are nothing more than what people could get in a counseling session.”

[Jada’s response upon hearing this, “Perhaps, they need counseling. I know I’ve benefited greatly from it.]

•(To Jon) “All this church worships is coffee and Seahawks.”

[Uh, wow! If that’s your takeaway, you’ve really missed the big picture, not to mention every sermon, prayer time, etc.]

•(To Jon) “I wish you would preach from the Bible.”

[Oh, you mean memorizing and quoting that entire biblical passage wasn’t enough? Stupid, Jon!]

•After Jada preached from Acts 2, this not-so-anonymous comment was received from a ‘mature’ Christian who teaches Bible studies, “What does any of this have to do with the blood of Jesus and my salvation? We need more sermons like that!”

[Jada’s not-so-internal response upon reading the comment card, “Uh, is this a joke?! Seriously! Have they never read the entire book of Acts, or about church history, or the book of Philippians? Taking note of what Paul had to say about the importance of Christian community.”]

•(To Jon) “After attending for nearly three decades, we’re not leaving the church, but we won’t be around much (🤔) because we don’t believe in women pastors.”

[Jon’s internal response, “Oh, you don’t have to believe in women pastors, simply believe in Jesus.” and “How have you attended a Free Methodist church for this long, but not heard about the distinctive of valuing women and men to lead and serve equally at all levels in the home and church?”]

•(To Jada) After preaching her first sermon at our current church, “Well, for a woman, you did a good job. I’ve never heard a woman preach like that.”

[We’re sure there’s a compliment in there, but we failed to find it.]

• (To Jada) “We like the preaching, but the music barely gets a passing grade.”

[Geez, guess I need to turn in my two music degrees, and stop teaching music. Because obviously, I know nothing.]

• (To Jon) I don’t like how you pray.”

[Hmmm…didn’t know I was being graded.]

•(To Jada) “You mean you get paid?”

[Her internal response, but she’s quite sure her face forgot to ‘play poker’, “Uh, yes, I work pretty much full-time here. Does your wife get paid to work at her job?”]

***This was a list that we compiled at the end of last year. We waited to share it until we could truly find the humor in it, and until we had the courage to be appropriately vulnerable. Now, we are compiling one about “Healing in (and from) the Hard”.


2 responses to “Our So-Called Life as Pastors: Finding Humor in the Hurt

  1. Do people really say this?? Then they definitely haven’t been listening. You two preach from the Bible. Incorporating it into the sermons and making it relevant for those who believe and for those who don’t. Keep up the spirit filled work

  2. As retired pastors, how I can relate to this. Thankfully, you manage to not say what you think. But sometimes it’s hard. God bless you.

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