STILL [Word of the Year: 2014]

It all started with a song. A song that I have performed numerous times. Yet, this time, something was different. Whenever I heard the words, I listened. Really listened.  Taking it all in and thinking about what it all meant.


Honestly, I wasn’t necessarily thinking of  a “word” for 2014. I have learned, as with most things, if you try to force them it just doesn’t work. I didn’t even know if I would have a word for 2014. But this song took hold of me. Actually, it was that one little word….

Still Word

The word “still” means not moving, lacking motion or activity, uttering no sound, calm, or tranquil. I could use a little bit of that. All of that, actually.

You see, 2013 has affectionately been dubbed as “The Year of the Roller Coaster”. Just when we thought things were leveling out and we knew where we were headed– WHAM! Another dip, or curve, or sudden stop! Then, even more change, more movement. Still having no clue where we were headed. Just sort of along for the ride. This isn’t my usual mode of operation.

All of these changes and unknowns were swirling around me. Life was a wee bit crazy. While I was attempting to catch the curveballs that were being thrown our way, the uncertainties of life were attempting to cause this ESTJ-list-maker-routine-lover-planner-by-nature person fear the unknown. And not trust that God had a plan. A good plan. A plan to give us a hope and a future.

Even still, somewhere around November, I leaned into it all. No, I mean, really leaned into it. If you’ve ever ridden a roller coaster, you know what I mean. It’s much more enjoyable with eyes wide open, even if you can’t see what’s up ahead. There’s thrill, anticipation and expectancy. So, I leaned into the curves. Enjoyed the twists and turns. And the dips became my favorites, even the big ones that make you think the bottom is falling from beneath you. I made the most of this crazy ride.

And it all began with a simple song and a single word, which led me to reflect upon Psalm 46:10:

 “Be still, and know that I am God.”

The words “be still” mean literally to let go, to let drop, to relax, and to be quiet. As I meditated upon this verse, I began to breathe more deeply. My heart was calmed. I stopped striving and believing that anything I could do would bring me or my family security or peace.  And as I watched everything spin and twirl around me, having no clue what the future held, I no longer thought it was outta control. Oh, sure it was out of my control, but not God’s. He was in control the entire time.

And He gently reminded me of this and encouraged me to enjoy the ride. Eventually, I did begin to enjoy the ride. All of it. Instead of merely reading the words, “Be still and know that I Am God,” I began to actually be still and know that He was God.

I think God allowed so much uncertainity in my life in 2013 to gently ask me, “Jada, do you trust me? No, I mean, do you REALLY trust me? Then, be STILL! Life may not be how you planned or expected it to be, but take it all in. Rest. Wait. Be patient. I have got this all figured out and will let you know when the time comes.”


Be still and know that I am God
Be still and know that I Am
Be still and know
Be still

My word for 2014 is:

Still Word



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