A Letter to My Husband

Today, I am excited to be contributing to the “Equally Yoked” series over at Jenny Rae Armstrong’s blog. 


To my husband, my love, my partner and friend,

In just a few days, we will be celebrating 14 years of marriage, partnership, and teamwork. Where have the years gone? Sometimes, it feels as if we’ve been together all of our lives and at other times, merely a few days.

We took to heart the advice we were given on our wedding day: LAUGH. Laugh a lot.

And we have laughed…A LOT!  

We’ve laughed at ourselves, and we’ve laughed at each other. When things were funny and when things were not funny at all. Finding the comic relief of the situation seemed to help. And after all these years, it just takes one look —you know THAT look— and we start laughing all over again.

But we’ve cried, too. 

To read more, CLICK HERE to head over to jennyraearmstrong.com


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