Meals For a Month: April

Meals for a Month

  1. Carnitas Tacos with toppings, Spanish Rice and Black Beans
  2. Leftovers
  3. Jambalaya
  4. Pastor’s-Spouse Retreat
  5. Pastor’s-Spouse Retreat
  6. Soup and Salad Dinner: Tomato Soup and Cheesy Bread
  7. Breakfast for Dinner: Oatmeal and Fruit
  8. White Beans and Pasta with Kale
  9. Scalloped Potatoes with Ham and Roasted Brussel Sprouts
  10. Leftovers 
  11. Soup and Salad Dinner: Split Pea and Ham Soup
  12. Chutney-Glazed Salmon with Quinoa & Sauteed Green Beans
  13. Leftovers
  14. Breakfast for Dinner: Whole Grain Pancakes, Green Smoothies
  15. Baked Spare RibsCorn Salad, and Green Beans
  16. Garlic-Lemon Tilapia, Lentil and Goat Cheese Salad  and Sauteed Kale 
  17. Leftovers
  18. Soup and Salad SupperSouthern Beans with Ham, Quinoa, and Cucumber Salad
  19. Homemade Pizza and Green Salad
  20. Breakfast for Dinner: Toads in a Hole, Green Smoothies
  21. Roasted Portugese Cod, Green Beans w/ Balsamic Brown Butter, Spaghetti Squash
  22. Soup & Salad Supper: Lebanese Red Lentil Soup and Flat Bread
  23. Calzones with Green Salad
  24. Leftovers (cook chicken for tomorrow)
  25. Chicken ‘n Dumplings and Green Beans
  26. Mujadara and Spinach Salad
  27. Friend’s 50th Birthday Celebration!
  28. Leftovers
  29. Soup & Salad Supper: Chicken Noodle Soup
  30. Tuna Croquettes, Mac n’ Cheese and Roasted Broccoli

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