Life Skills Academy

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

Although we home school and support life-long learning, my husband and I  both realize there’s more to education than academics. In fact, our decision to home school had very little to do with academics, and more to do with our desire to see our kids develop their individual strengths, to grow spiritually and relationally, and to help them become functioning members of society. Not to mention, since we both have crazy and untraditional work schedules, it was sort of a selfish decision, too. But I digress.

A while back, I came across a post from Jamie over at Simple Home School. She’s started offering her kids a baking class, complete with a syllabus! After showing it to Jon, he said, “Let’s do this. I can’t wait to teach them to make Sugar Cookies!” So, we began compiling a list of the recipes we wanted to teach the kids to bake. But then…

Well, then, it snowballed. We started talking about all the other skills we wanted our kids to learn. You know, those skills that we sometimes take for granted, but ones that need to be taught and re-taught. Before we knew it, we were throwing out ideas, taking notes, and somehow, Life Skills Academy began to take shape.

Life Skills Academy

Life Skills Academy

It’s still in the preliminary stages, but here are the modules we have begun to develop:

Culinary Arts

  • Menu Planning
  • Food Procurement
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Grilling

Home Maintenance

The following modules will be used in conjunction with the children’s responsibility charts: Morning 5, Afternoon 5, Evening 5.

  • Indoor Cleaning and Maintenance (i.e. dishes to floors, washing clothes to cleaning cupboards, and everything in between)
  • Outdoor Cleaning and Maintenance (i.e. raking leaves, weeding, mowing the grass, maintaining gardens, etc.)
  • Pet Care (i.e. watering, feeding, and bathing the cat, cleaning the liter box, etc.)


We will be teaching the children about lifestyle stewardship: time, talents, resources and finances.

  • Tithing & Other Charitable Giving
  • Financial Management
  • Budgeting
  • Saving and Investing
  • Serving Others
  • Developing and Using our Talents, Skills and Abilities

Car Maintenance

  • Washing the Car
  • Vacuuming the Car
  • Detailing the Car
  • Checking Air Pressure in Tires
  • Pumping Gas
  • Additional items will be added as the children get older

Tonight, we began with Culinary Arts, launching our baking class. Although Jon and I have ideas of what we want to teach them, I let the kids select the first recipe. It was Stuffed Crust Pizza. Tonight’s class was fun, and dinner was delicious.

Life Skills Academy-Baking Class made "Stuffed Crust Pizza"

Life Skills Academy-Baking Class made “Stuffed Crust Pizza”

We are keeping with Jamie’s routine. For the first class, the instructor makes the recipe while the kids watch. The second class, the kids make the recipe while the instructor watches. And in the final class, the kids do everything by themselves.

The kids are excited for class number two, but are nervous for session three! Personally, I can’t wait! It’s sad, but thrilling to see my babies grow up. Yet, we know as parents, it’s our responsibility to train them and then, launch them. And, trust me, we want them to launch well! Stayed tuned for more to come with our Life Skills Academy! 


3 responses to “Life Skills Academy

  1. Eric has started teaching the boys to change the oil in the van. I think the last time they did it Zane did it almost completely by himself. I think Eric is seeing some chore freedom in his future… 🙂

  2. OH!!!! Write it as a curriculum, I would be happy to try it out for you!

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