A Change in the Schedule [Already]

I know. I know. I’m a weirdo. Yet, I am the sort of person that likes to have a plan simply because  it gives me freedom and flexibility to deviate from the plan. It’s just how I roll!

Take for instance our home schooling schedule routine.  Although I created a schedule way back in August, I knew it was fluid, mainly because my work schedule wasn’t concrete. And sure enough, now that my music studio schedule is established, along with having experienced a week with the kids’ extra-curricular classes and activities, we are finding some revisions need to be made. So back to the drawing board!

For our family, a huge perk of home schooling is FLEXIBILITY. We take the education of our children seriously, but realize our school days will look a bit different, especially since both my husband and I work. So, traditional is being thrown out the window, and we are embracing untraditional. And typical, well, that word is just not in our vocabulary. It’s all about flexibility! 🙂

As we discussed the necessary changes and revisions, there were many variables to keep in mind, specifically my husband’s work schedule. Typically, he works Wednesday-Sunday with Mondays and Tuesdays being “days off”. [Although, he does work some Tuesdays evenings, too.] Therefore, we decided Monday would be our Family Sabbath, no school/no work. And since he works on Saturdays, it would become a school day. We’ll school when he’s at work, and play when he’s at home. As well, we made sure to schedule in Family Dinners. Eating together  as a family is a huge priority for us, along with regularly inviting folks into our home and getting together with family and friends.

Here’s our super-duper-newly-improved-work-in-progress-sure-to-be-revised-fluid-routine:

Family Sabbath. No school/no work.
6PM-Family Dinner

Husband’s Day Off (usually).
9-12Noon School Day, taught by Dad.
6PM-Family Dinner

Dad Work Day
8:30AM-2:00PM Kids: Excursion Class at Sky Valley (SVEC)
9:30-11AM-Book Club/Bible Study at our home (October)
3:00-3:30-Kids’ Piano Lessons at Mrs. G’s
4-6PM-Mom teaches in music studio/Kids Free Time
6:00- Family Dinner (Mom & Kids)
6:30-8PM- School Time

Dad Work Day
9Am-12Noon-School Time
2:30-7:00 Mom teaches in music studio
5-6PM-Family Dinner

Dad Work Day
9AM-11:30 School Time
11:30-12Noon Lunch
12:30-2:30 Kids’ Classes at SVEC
3:30-7PM Mom teaches at music studio (When dad comes home, he teaches Botany and gets dinner ready.)

Dad Work Day
Flexible School Day
6PM-Family Dinner

Dad Work Day
6PM-Family Dinner



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