Meals for a Month: September

I’ll be the first to admit, this Southern girl is very spoiled to Washington summers. Even still, fall is my most favorite season of all.  Although it doesn’t officially begin until Sept. 22, the countdown has begun! I look forward to the leaves changing colors, the sudden drop in temperatures, and even the rainy days that will soon arrive in the Pacific Northwest.

While I appreciate summer’s slower pace and sunshine, I thrive on the rhythm and routine that is ushered in when September rolls around. My music studio is in full swing with lessons, music symposiums and recitals. And even though we home school year-round, my children are quiet excited about attending a few classes at Sky Valley Education Center this year. (Okay, truthfully, SO AM I! Wednesdays and Fridays, I can tell we are gonna be F-R-I-E-N-D-S, like for reals!)

And as a foodie, this season just makes me giddy, thinking about all the tasty creations I will be making for my family and friends to enjoy. To me, fall just elicits the need to make savory soups, tasty baked goods and all things pumpkin! (Check out my family’s most favorite Pumpkin Cookie recipe HERE. Also, we enjoy “Gussied Up Grits” aka Pumpkin Polenta, especially with Maple-Glazed Pork chops!)

Since the kids will be at “school” two days a week, I will be packing lunches and making extra snacks and treats, since they are eating like crazy because they are growing like weeds! 🙂 As well, with my music studio schedule expanding to three days afternoons/evenings, the crock pot, freezer meals and leftovers will be frequent guests on the menu! This afternoon, I spent an hour, or so, putting together September’s Meals for a Month.


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