Meals for a Month: August [The month our friends visit]

It’s August. YEA! It’s August. This is the month we’ve been waiting for. Why? Well, it’s the month that we get to see our friends, Dan and Kristi, who we haven’t seen in nearly 10 years! We’ve been planning and planning for months and months. Or has it been years and years?. Regardless, the countdown is on!

Dan and Kristi Bush

You see, we go way back. We have history with these friends. We all attended the same church in Louisiana, where we were part of the Young Married’s Sunday School Class. They were married just a matter of weeks before we were married. Memories of Supper Clubs and Game Nights, tailgating at football games and meaningful conversations that would last for hours and hours come rushing back to me, as if it were yesterday. Not to mention sweet and authentic times of worship. You see, all of us are musicians, so there are a multitude of memories from leading worship together.

In the days, weeks, and years that have past, we have all had unique, but purposeful journeys. Journeys full of twists and turns and lessons learned. Amidst uncertainty about the future, we always believed and could feel God’s hand guiding us every step of the way on the roads we were traveling.  And although many, many miles separate us, our friends have always been there. Calling at just the right time. Sending a note (or email) of encouragement. Then, once all of us were connected via Facebook, it’s was as if the vast geographical distance diminished…at least just a little bit.

And now, in just a few days, they will be here. The cool thing is our kids get to meet each other. One of the journeys we set out on was parenthood. Unfortunately, our kiddos haven’t gotten to meet each other, or play together, or get to know one another. So, thankful they will have this opportunity! Can you tell we are really looking forward to this visit?

And another cool thing, my friend, Kristi, loves to cook as much as I do. So, yea, I planned a menu, but it will probably be thrown out the window. One of her journeys has been a revolution in how she cooks and prepares food for her family. I am looking forward to hearing more of her story and learning a few new culinary tricks. To learn more about Kristi and discover some of her amazing recipes, check out her blog. (CLICK HERE)   

August Meal Plan



One response to “Meals for a Month: August [The month our friends visit]

  1. WOW -Thank you, friend! We love you guys so much and are over the top excited about getting to commune for a week! CAN NOT WAIT [secretly praying for a relocation! ;0)]

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