Meals for a Month [June: Summer is almost here!]


Slow(er) days.

Spending time with friends and family.

Summer, we are ready for you. The countdown has begun!

June is a whirlwind of a month for our family. From finishing up the school year to hosting family and friends to taking our family vacation, the month is filled with activity! We are quiet excited about it all, too! In the summertime, we dust off the grill and use it often. Regularly inviting friends over for a BBQs or making S’mores around the fire pit.

We are really looking forward to our guests sharing their culinary talents with us, too.  Our friend, Ryan, who is part of our Denver family, is spending a week with us. A few weeks ago, my husband asked, “So, what’s Ryan gonna cook?” During his visits, he always surprises us with something amazing!  (No pressure, Ryan!)

As well, my folks will be spending some time with us around Father’s Day. I don’t remember the last Father’s Day that I was able to spend with my dad. So excited for this time with my folks. A few months ago, my kids shared with my mom, Nana, what they would like her to make when she arrives. Ironically, some of their favorite dishes she makes were my favorites as a young girl! 🙂

Since we are going on vacation, June’s meal plan seems a bit sparse, especially since I built-in “clean out the fridge days”. Regardless, we are ready for summer and the fun foods that it brings. Can’t wait to shop at Farmer’s Markets, make S’mores, and homemade ice cream, too!


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