Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: Day 19 – Coffee Dates

This is part of a series called “Thirty Days of Thanksgiving”. 

A compilation of what I am most thankful. In no certain order. Just those things most near and dear to me.

Have you heard the song, “You Had Me From Hello” by Kenny Chesney? Well, in our case, Jon had me from “Do you want a triple shot latte?” That’s how it all got started — the Story of Us  and my love obsession with coffee

The other night, our daughter, Jamison, asked to hear “our story” again. So, we told her. She said, “Momma, it’s just like the ‘Latte Boy’ song.”  She began singing,

Johnny, the latte boy.
Bring me java, bring me joy.
Oh Johnny, the latte boy.
I love him.
I love him.
I love him.

And, I do…LOVE him. And I love our coffee dates, too.

So, today, I’m thankful for our coffee dates. We try to make these a weekly occurrence at home or  a local place (Our favorites are Paesano’s or Sky River Bakery.) Simply hanging out together. Chatting about something or nothing at all. Sometimes, preparing sermons or conference talks. Other times, researching and writing papers for classes. I just love spending time with this guy.  And look forward to many more coffee dates!


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