Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: Day 7- Trials

This is part of a series called “Thirty Days of Thanksgiving”. 

A compilation of what I am most thankful. In no certain order. Just those things most near and dear to me.

Consider it PURE JOY,
my brothers and sisters,

because you know that the TESTING of your faith
Let perseverance FINISH its work
so that you may be
not lacking anything.
James 1: 2-4 

Yes, I am thankful for trials. While this hasn’t always been the case, I have learned to be thankful for the trials that have come into my life. Those seasons which have brought pain and discomfort, confusion and questioning.

During one such season several years ago, I remember clinging to a certain song, “Hold On,” which was recorded by a very dear friend of mine, Jason Barton, and his group 33 Miles. Everyday, numerous times during the day, I would play this song over and over and over again. Clinging to the message to hold on, and I’d make it through. And I did.

Although I would rather not repeat any of those seasons, I do know that having persevered through those times, I matured as a person and grew closer to God. For this, I am extremely thankful.

I anticipate other seasons of trials and testing to come. And I pray that I will walk through them graciously; seeking to learn what it is that God would have me learn, in order to be made into the person he desires for me to be.

For what are you most thankful? Join me in “Thirty Days of Thanksgiving.”


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