Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: Day 2- My Son

This is part of a series called “Thirty Days of Thanksgiving”. 

A compilation of what I am most thankful in no certain order. Just those things most near and dear to me.

We didn’t think we would be able to have children. In fact, just a few weeks before I found out I was pregnant, we’d begun the adoption process.  Something that is very near and dear to my heart, since I am an adoptee. 

Yet, one day in September, shortly after returning home from directing a six-week music tour on the East Coast, I called my best friend and told her, “I am really having a hard time with re-entry from tour life! I’m glad I am able to tele-commute for work because the last few days have not been easy. I miss the tour kids and am sad and really tired, too.”

She said, “Go take a test!”

I said, “What? Why? It’s going to be negative. It has been the last two years. Every. Single. Time.”

But this time, it wasn’t negative. It was POSITIVE.

I called her and told her. We yelled and laughed and cried.

She said, “You have to call Jon!”

Of course, I had to call my husband. So, I did! And he was shocked and thrilled. And asked, “Are you sure?”

Yep, this time, I’m sure!

After so long, we were going to have a baby! 

Boy or girl, we already knew the name this child would have…Jadon.

Why Jadon?  Well, there are two reasons:

Several years before at our engagement party BBQ, my sister-in-law was doodling on the butcher paper tablecloth and combined our names, Jada and Jon, into Jadon.  She jokingly said, “When you have kids, you should use the name Jadon!”

Unique. Original. We liked it and tucked that idea away for a few years down the road. [Later, we discovered Jadon was one of the most popular names in 2003, the year our son was born. But the other kids didn’t have our story! :-)] During my pregnancy, we found out Jadon meant “GOD HAS HEARD” and “THANKFUL”. He had heard our many prayers, our tears and heartfelt requests, and we were so thankful!

JADON.  This was definitely going to be this child’s name.

And on June 9, 2003, several days overdue, after enduring 26+ hours of labor, four hours of pushing and then, an emergency c-section, we were introduced to our son, Jadon Gregory Swanson. And he was wonderful. Perfect. Every bit of him.

This little boy has brought me much joy and laughter, tears and testing. We have learned a lot from one another.  He’s been patient and loving, enduring my many mistakes and mishaps as a first-time mom.

Jadon loves to read, play with Legos and spend time outdoors climbing trees. At the same time, he still cuddles and gives the best hugs.  He has the greatest laugh, a strong sense of justice, insightful thoughts and a compassionate heart for others. Even as a young boy, Jadon’s love for God is deep and he desires for others to know that love. I can only imagine what his life’s journey will entail.

I am very, very thankful for my son, who has and will continue to teach me many things about myself and others! 

For what are you most thankful? Join me in “Thirty Days of Thanksgiving.”


One response to “Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: Day 2- My Son

  1. Fantastic story; thank you for sharing!

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