Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: Day 1- My Husband

This is part of a series called 30 Days of Thanksgiving. 

A compilation of what I am most thankful. In no certain order. But those things most near and dear to me.

Did you ever watch the movie Up Close and Personal?  You know the one with Michelle Pfiffer and Robert Redford? It chronicles the life of Tally, an ambitious young woman, who gets some really good advice from her first boss. And then, they fall in love.

In 1996, the year Up Close and Personal came out in theaters ,  I was working as an assistant director of a music tour. During that tour, my boss, the director, gave me some really good advice and insight about faith, leadership and pursuing my dreams. And then, we fell in love. 

The fact that I fell in love and married my boss is the only similarity between my life and the movie. Well, he’d would say I am quiet the ambitious girl, too! And you know what? Not only does he continue to give me good advice, but he showers me with encouragement and love.

After all these years, what really stuck with me was a song from that movie by Celine Dion called “Because You Loved Me”. This song expresses so much of what I’ve wanted to say about our life, love and journey.

Up until I fell in love with Jon (and let him love me), I had not loved (or trusted) another human being to this degree. Through the years our love, trust and commitment have grown, matured and deepened. Through storms and successes, prosperity and pain.

Ours is a relationship that has seen happiness and heartbreak. Times of utter closeness and vast distance. Moments where I wondered how this person, who showed me such grace and patience, could love me so much.

Yet, he did.

And still does.


With all that he has.

In every situation that has been thrown our way.

With every twist and every turn.

His love remains constant.

It’s because of his love that I have grown as a person, matured as a believer, and learned to love deeper.

And you know, we both realize we wouldn’t be where we are today, if it weren’t because of another love that we have both experienced. The love we have from our Savior, Jesus Christ. Without his love, our love wouldn’t be possible. What we have endured would have broken us, instead of making us stronger.

So, I am thankful for my husband. For his faith, which is reflected in all he says and does. Namely, in his love for me and his commitment to our story. For you see, it’s still being written.

What are you most thankful? Join me in 30 Days of Thanksgiving.  


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