The Wonderful World of Books!

One thing you will find in our home is books. A lot of books. We love to read. As well, I am discovering the world of e-books, since I received a Kindle for Christmas! (LOVE IT!)

My husband and I read for pleasure, for work (regularly, our church staff has a book that we read and discuss) and for classes that we are taking. It is not uncommon for each of us to have several books going at the same time. Yea, I know, weird! Oh, well, it’s our normal! 🙂 I am thankful our kids have caught the reading “bug”, too.

Jadon, our son, is reading The Magic Tree House series by Mary Poppe Osborne. He loves this series, where a brother and sister duo are sent on adventures and missions around the world.  In one of the books, Jack and Annie go to New Orleans, LA to meet Louis Armstrong. Jadon loves jazz music, so he enjoyed reading about this adventure.

Originally, I am from Louisiana and in another season was a professional musician. Being able to share music and memories with my son was so much fun!  We studied the history and geography of Louisiana. As well, began a composer study on Louis Armstrong, where we watched a video of him performing “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

Jadon sang this song for days and days at the top of his lungs! As we me tired of hearing it over and over, my daughter said, “Mom, you were the one who introduced him to Louis Armstrong!”  Touché!

Jamison, our daughter, is just beginning to read books. She is so excited! Every week, we make a trip (or two) to the library, where she loves selecting books, along with movies and CDs. Her next big goal is to be able to read her Fancy Nancy books, which she received for her birthday. Right now, she is blowing through the Bob Books series. 

Along with the kids reading individually, most every night you will find us piled up on our couch or bed reading to the kids. Currently, we are reading the Little House series. (Honestly, it’s my husband who does the reading. Usually, I escape during this time to be A-L-O-N-E!)

We have finished, On the Banks of Plumb Creek and Farmer Boy. And have just begun Little House on the Prairie. We read them out of order, which is okay for one of my children! The other child thinks we should re-read them in order! (Can you guess which one? I’m not sure where he gets it!)

When we are in the car, we I love books on CD. Seriously, my kids can be loud and bouncing off the walls (or doors) but as soon as the reading begins, it’s like MAGIC! Seriously, it is!




Whoever invented books on CD, “Bless your heart!” And I mean that sincerely, not in the Southern way. (If you are Southern, you know what I mean by that statement!)

Since we home school, we have begun having the kids do book reports. Both our daughter, who is in Kindergarten, and our son, who is in 2nd grade, give oral book reports. Our son completes written book reports, too. Below are some of the book report templates we have used this year.

Book Report Forms

ABC Teach

Busy Teacher’s Cafe

Love to Learn

This summer, we plan on enrolling in several reading programs to keep up their progress. Not to mention, the great prizes (FREE BOOKS) the kids can earn! YEA!

CHECK OUT THIS LIST OF SUMMER READING PROGRAMS! Barnes & Nobles, Half Priced Books, & Borders are just a few that are included.

So, what do you like to read? Traditional book or e-reader? 


2 responses to “The Wonderful World of Books!

  1. We love book here too. Alan started reading ‘chapter books’ to the girls when they were very little; at that time whilst I was making tea. Now we take it in turns to read a book to them. We all snuggle on the sofa and get excited about what is going to happened next. We have read the whole ‘Little House’ series (in order as none of us could cope with the out-of-order thing. 🙂 ), Wind in the Willows, Paddington Bear, Sophie hits six, Swallows and Amazons and others. We plan to do this until they leave to go to University.

    We read lots too. Our Eldest loves reading independently but the youngest isn’t so much into that yet, she still prefers someone to read to her.

    In fact, I am off to the library today with a list of books I want to read but mustn’t buy.

    Thanks for your post.

  2. We are a book loving family here too. Thanks for sharing about the “Fancy Nancy” books. I think my youngest daughter will like those. I’ll have to see if our library has any.

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