The Gabby Moms: April Review

Ssssh! Do you hear that?

Yes, that! What is it? (Almost) complete silence.

Although my kids are 6 years and 8 years old, we still have “Quiet Time”. Most often, they don’t nap; although, occasionally this still happens. Yet, two or three afternoons each week, when I am not working, the kids go to their rooms and I sit down with a cup of coffee and something to read.

There is something about sitting still, coffee in hand, and reading. Instead of seeing it as a luxury, which I rarely indulge, I now see this time as a necessity. One that helps me be the best wife and mom I can be. Whether I am reading for work or for pleasure, these cherished moments are a welcomed gift in my jam-packed day, in order to sit, be still and take in.

What? Sometimes to take in information and to learn something new. Sometimes to travel to far off lands to discover new cultures and cuisines. Sometimes to learn about a new leadership concept. Sometimes in preparation for a talk I am giving. Sometimes just to shut off my brain and take in encouraging words.

Recently, I was sent the latest edition of  Eternal Encouragement Magazine, formerly Teach Magazine, to review for The Gabby Moms. Its vision is to “Inspire Women to Become More Like Jesus Every Day.” Although it’s been around for a while, I haven’t had the pleasure of reading this magazine. I was looking forward to it.

First, I love the size of it. It’s half the size of a traditional magazine, which makes it easy to tuck inside of a purse or bag. As well, being the visual person that I am, I really appreciated the bright colors on the cover. It’s not too busy. And speaking of the cover, it’s not one that I’d be embarrassed to let my son or husband see. (Those  find their way into “File 13”).

Lastly, I really appreciated the content. Nowadays, most magazines are 75% advertisements and 25% articles and content. Not so in Eternal Encouragement. Page after page was full of timely articles, written to encourage and uplift women to be more Christ-like.

Speaking of  timely articles, there were a couple which I greatly enjoyed reading. One was “Time: Use it or Lose it,” which encourages us to take seriously the days, hours and moments we have been given, and to use them wisely. As the author, Lorrie Flem states,

“Someday is only a possibility, and tomorrow’s deeds may never be done because as soon as we reach tomorrow, it suddenly becomes today.”

As well, Mrs. Flem shares “Four Principles of Not Wasting Time”. Being the “planner” that I am, I greatly appreciated her tips and advice in this article.

  1. Many Small Goals are Better Than One Large One.
  2. Motivation is Crucial.
  3. Eliminate Distractions Now.
  4. Plan Weekly, Daily, Hourly.

We can make all the plans we want, have all the lists complete. Yet, we have to move into action, working on manageable tasks that can be accomplished, or else we become discouraged and stall out. Mrs. Flem encourages us to treasure time, invest in it, make memories with it, but always ask the question, “Is this eternally valuable?”

I know in my life, there are so many “good” things I could do with my time. Yet, I have to discern what is the “best”. Oftentimes, this is not easily discerned. That’s where prayer, consulting with trusted advisors and the direction of the Holy Spirit comes into play.

This was just one of the many topics addressed in Eternal Encouragement Magazine, which was highly encouraging and beneficial to me as I move forward in Christ-like living.

If you would like to read more, why not subscribe? Head on over to the Eternal Encouragement
website at for subscription details.

“I received this product for honest review from Eternal Encouragement Magazine as a part of The Gabby Moms blogging program. All opinions expressed are solely my own.”


9 responses to “The Gabby Moms: April Review

  1. Hi Jada!

    I know the publisher of this wonderful magazine and it blesses me everytime I read it – cover to cover!

  2. Oh how that quiet time is a necessity. I only wish I would have realized that myself years ago!
    fellow Gabby Mom

  3. I loved the size, too, and forgot to mention it. Glad you did!
    Jenny, Fellow Gabby Mom

  4. The size of this magazine is perfect! And, the articles soooo encouraging! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I also appreciate that this magazine is not bogged down with advertisements, it makes it really worth what it costs. Great review!

  6. Great review! We still have quite time for our only non-napper (5)! It’s a must!

  7. Hi! I’m stopping by from the Gabby moms. I also appreciate the size and the content of the magazine.

    I am your follower now. Hope you can visit me back and follow, too.

    God bless you!

    Michelle Padrelanan

  8. I also loved the size of this magazine. It was so comfortable to hold! Great review!

  9. Great Review! I totally agree that quiet time is a necessity, with 3 small children I must have that.
    “Someday is only a possibility, and tomorrow’s deeds may never be done because as soon as we reach tomorrow, it suddenly becomes today.”
    I love that!

    Britni – A Gabby Mom

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