Dinnertime Dilemma: Meal Planning 101

Time is running out! Nerves are shot! Blood sugar is dropping!  It’s 6 o’clock!

Dinnertime Dilemma!

I have no clue what is for dinner. In fact, who knows if there is even anything to prepare for dinner! Unless, of course, chips and salsa count. (This was my “Finals Week” breakfast many quarters in college! Oops!)


Please tell me, you have been there?!

A few years ago, I was. Actually, I was at my wits end. A mom of an almost two-year old toddler boy and a newborn babygirl, who was an adjunct professor at a university and a pastor’s wife, I found balancing marriage, motherhood, ministry and career difficult. By the end of the day, I was dreaming about my bed, not even thinking about what was for dinner. Yet, we still had to eat.

One day, as I looked through my pantry, then the freezer, and back to the pantry, I thought, “There has got to be a better way!” The checkbook confirmed what I already knew: we were eating out more often than we were eating at home. Therefore, all the groceries I purchased for home consumption were not being eaten.  Something had to change.


Money. Down. The. Toilet.

To some (my husband :)), I am a “Type-A” personality. Yes, it’s true. I like lists, organization and routines. I realized, if I could formulate plans and systems at work, I can at home, too. This is when I got serious about meal planning.

In the beginning, it did take some time and effort. Yet, it was worth it. By planning meals, I was able to spend less on groceries, slashing my grocery budget by more than 50%. Not to mention cut out most of the restaurant budget, except for special occasions and such, and cook at home. Our family was eating more healthfully and spending more quality and quantity time together (and with friends/neighbors) while we enjoyed a home cooked meal.

I am passionate about taking care of our bodies, as they are God’s temple; eating meals that are healthy, along with the occasional splurge; as well as gathering around the dinner table with family and friends. For these reasons, and several more, I meal plan.

To learn more about meal planning, check out my article at Save Simply, a blog owned by my friend, Lisa. I hope you enjoy the article and gain some tips on meal planning. As well, Lisa has some great articles and advice on saving money and finding some incredible deals. Check it out!

Pop on over to “Save Simply” and take a peek.


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