Cooking with the Kids: Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup and more!

This year, our family has undertaken a mission to cook at least one recipe each week from The Essential New York Times Cookbook. We have really been enjoying the recipes from this cookbook. Plus, my kids have really enjoyed cooking in the kitchen with me. You see the kitchen is my cave of sorts. Where I go to escape and create. On Sundays, I share! 🙂

Although, we have had a crazy couple of weeks and I haven’t gotten “Cooking with the Kids” blog articles posted, we have definitely been preparing some tasty recipes. YUM!

Jamison, my daughter, selected Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup. Our family really enjoyed this dish. It was, especially, tasty the next day for our “Leftover Lunch” with tortilla chips.

For Christmas, a co-worker made our staff “Major Grey’s Chutney.” I was pleasantly surprised to find a recipe in the cookbook, which included this delectable condiment. Friday evening, I made Chicken Roasted with Sour Cream, Mayonnaise and Mango Chutney. Oh my goodness, it was really, really good. Even the kids enjoyed this dish. It was a perfect blend of creaminess, curry spices and sweet chutney.

Although the original recipe made two servings, I quadrupled it to have leftovers, which I intend to use in a soup called Mulligatawny! And as luck would have it, The Essential New York Times Cookbook has a tasty recipe for Mulligatawny. This is a soup my husband has always wanted me to make, especially since we visited New York City and saw the  “Soup Kitchen,” which inspired the “Soup Nazi” episode on Seinfeld.

You do remember the “Soup Nazi” episode from Seinfeld? Oh, sure you do! If not, CLICK HERE to watch a few clips.

I’ll let you know how the Mulligatawny turns out! Can’t wait to taste it. I bet it will be delicious with some Naan!


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