Menu Plan Monday: January 31-February 6

Since I’ll be out-of-town for a couple of days at a Pastor’s Retreat, my husband will be ‘holdin’ down the fort’. He is a GREAT husband and dad, one with many talents. And I am very blessed to be his wife! He will be making the meals Monday-Wednesday, but I am linking recipes here for him to use.

Last week, we had some busy days, so opted to eat leftovers, or have breakfast for dinner a night, or two. So, this week, I will be making some of the recipes originally planned for last week. I am, especially, looking forward to Friday’s meal!

We’ll, also, be continuing the “Cooking with the Kids” series. Have gotten off track, due to a crazy few weeks. We did, however, really enjoy the Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup, along with the Pumpkin Biscuits. A few friends made the recipe and enjoyed it, too. Be looking for Jamison’s review of the recipe and pics of her cooking session. They’ll be posted soon!

Monday: Leftover Chicken Soup, Applesauce and Bread


Tuesday: Crock pot Roast and Veggies (Roast defrosting in fridge. Onion soup mix in pantry.)

Slow-cooked roast and vegetables is one of my husband’s most favorite meals. This recipe is super-easy and very forgiving. You can really add just about anything to it, and it turns out great. Normally, I don’t use a recipe, but posted one, since the kids will be helping him cook.


Wednesday: Date with Daddy before Church


Thursday: Crock pot Cream Cheese Chicken , Pasta and Salad

This was on our menu last week, but we ate leftovers instead. Looking forward to trying this recipe this week. Have heard it is delicious! My kids love cream cheese and chicken, so I think they will like it, too!


Friday: Chicken Roasted with Sour Cream, Lemon Juice and Mango Chutney; Rice Pilaf and Pureed Peas.

**UPDATED on 2/4/11: This was FANTASTIC. Every member of our family LOVED the chicken! Definitely, will be making this one again, and again! I the Pureed Peas recipe, I didn’t use the watercress (didn’t have it), and I added about 3 T of half n’ half for kicks! Try these and let me know how they turn out!


Saturday: Game Night with Home School Group/Dinner of Appetizers and Finger Foods


Sunday: Taco Soup with Various Toppings, Tortilla Chips and Salsa, and Brownies

Friends coming over after church for lunch. I have found the crock pot to be my friend on such occasions. Throw everything in before we leave, come home to an amazing aroma, prepared meal and time to enjoy our company!



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