Booking It! 2011


WHO: You, Me, Your Friends, All are welcome!

WHAT: An Online Book Club with two tracks

WHERE: When: every 10th and 11th of the month

WHY: because reading is good for you and your brain

HOW: Choose a track (or bounce back and forth between them) and follow along on

Unplug! Read! Engage! & EXPAND your Horizons in 2011

I love to read. Absolutely LOVE TO READ! Honestly, between reading books and articles for work, school and pleasure, I really read a lot. So I was very excited to discover, once again, Jessica, over at Life as Mom, is hosting “Booking It.”

What is “Booking It”? Check out  HERE for more details.

On January 10th, participants will share their reading lists. She has devised two tracks: “The Eleven List”, where books have been selected; or “Create Your Own Adventure.”

Personally, I’ll be bouncing back and forth between the two tracks, as I have already created my reading list for 2011 with books related to Food, Fun, Family and Faith. Ironically, I am or was planning to read a few of the books Jessica selected for “The Eleven List.” (Currently, I am reading one of the books, The Help, with my book club friends.)

Others books on my list are ones I am required to read for  classes or work, along with a few titles that I have been “meaning to” read for a while! Now that I have a handy, dandy KINDLE, I can read several books at once without needing a cart to carry them! I am loving this little techie invention!

So, be thinking about how you’d like to participate in “Booking It 2011!” On January 10th, join all of the participants, as we share our lists.


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