Savings Code is offering another discount code between November 9-15, 2010.  You can receive $25 Gift Cards to various restaurants for $2! Great way to try new places.  As I have shared, we love using these certificates for an inexpensive date night, or occasional family meal out. Not to mention, they are great ways to treat friends and extended family to a nice meal. You can purchase certificates just about anywhere in the United States.

My folks will be visiting us from Louisiana for Thanksgiving. I am thinking I will check and see what restaurants are in their local area (North Louisiana–Shreveport, Natchitoches, etc.). This would be a nice treat for them, since they go out to eat quiet a bit. As well, it will give them the opportunity to try new restaurants in their area.

How to get the deal:

1. Go to

2. Enter your zip code.  You can then narrow your search by city.

3. Scroll through the available restaurants

4. Add certificates to your cart

5. Enter the code GIVE and 80% will be deducted from your total — this code is valid through Nov 9-15. You can use paypal or a credit/debit card to pay for your purchases.

6. The certificates will be added to your account. When you are ready to redeem a particular certificate, just print it from your account and give it to your server.

New to What’s the catch?:

Be sure to read the fine print of every certificate.  There is a requirement that you will have to meet and in most cases the total needs to be around $35-$50 in order to redeem the certificate.  And you may only use one per visit, per table.  As with all these deals you will want to be sure to a gratuity on the total amount before discount is applied.

You can purchase as many, or as few, as you like. Usually, I get two or three. Last week, we used a certificate at “Buck’s American Cafe” in Everett, WA.

Once you purchase your certificate you can redeem same day or you have a year to redeem.  No need to print until you are ready to redeem.  It will be stored in your account for safe keeping.

Certificates Expire 1 year after purchase.


2 responses to “ Savings Code

  1. I was looking for restaurants in the Shreveport area yesterday since we will be near there for Thanksgiving. Only Monjuni’s and Wind Rush Grill right now. It is so great to have SO MANY choices here in the Twin Cities! By the way, another option is to give a gift of a Gift Certificate (a generic one, not for a particular restaurant) and these DON’T expire.

  2. Thank you! Great advice! I am going to try it.

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