Menu Plan Monday: Nov. 1-Nov. 7

There is nothing spectacular about the menu plan this week. In conjunction with our normal family routine, we have several extra commitments this week. Between serving jury duty three days this week (if selected), class in Seattle two days/evenings, and our church’s annual missions auction, I am just thinking, “Get food in their tummies any way possible!” So, it’s easy, quick meals all the way.

I am trying one new recipe from Cooking Light. A few months ago, I found the Bacon Mac n’ Cheese and put it aside. As I was asking the kids for input on the menu plan, they both requested homemade mac n’ cheese. Voila! Hopefully, it tastes as good as the picture looks!

Monday: Leftover Gumbo from Cajun Food and Candy, our family’s annual Halloween tradition

Tuesday: Bacon Mac n’ Cheese with Sauteed Green Beans

Wednesday: Sandwiches, Fruit with Freezer Soup (Thankful, I made a large batch and froze several containers.)

Thursday: Crockpot Lentil Chili and Rolls

Friday: Dad’s Dinner Choice/Mom’s at class

Saturday: Mom’s at Class/ Family’s at Hands Around the World Auction at church

Sunday: Breakfast for Dinner: Scrambled Eggs, Waffles and Sausage


One response to “Menu Plan Monday: Nov. 1-Nov. 7

  1. Sounds like a yummy meal to meal plan to me! Bacon in a light recipe sounds like an impossible but sounds good too!

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