Recipe Wednesday: Iced Tea Lemonade

As most of you know, I am a Southern girl. Southern girls love tea. Well, most (real) Southern girls love iced tea because that is usually what is served at every meal. Sweet tea, that is. Really, really SWEET, sugary tea. Although, I have stopped sweetening my tea with sugar, opting for Stevia, a natural sweetener, I still LOVE me some SWEET TEA!

When our son, Jadon, was 10 days old, we moved to Denver from the Seattle-area. (I don’t recommend moving when you have a newborn). Did I mention it was summertime? Like smack-dab-in-the-middle-of-heat-invested-summer. Triple digits every day. Yep. Much hotter than Seattle.

Plus, we had two house on the market. Jon was starting a new job (pastoral position). I tele-commuted with a non-profit in California, but was on maternity leave. Oh, and, I knew no one and wasn’t supposed to drive for 6-8 weeks (emergency c-section). Lots of changes and transitions. And……..

Not to mention the fact that when we moved to Denver, unlike the Seattle-area, independent espresso stands (which are really my preference when it comes to coffee) weren’t on every corner. There was ONE Starbucks Drive-Thru less than 30 minutes from our home (They weren’t too popular in Denver, until the year we moved BACK to Seattle when one was built two minutes from our Denver home! Go figure! 🙂 :))

Anyways, in those early days of living in Denver, while we waited for the houses to sell, we lived in the basement of one of the church member’s home. As I was learning to take care of a new born and not able to really drive anywhere, I craved cool drinks, especially the Iced Tea Lemonade from Starbucks. So, I learned to make it for myself. It continues to be one of my all-time favorite summertime beverages.

I never really wrote down a recipe. I just go by taste and what I have on hand. Sometimes, I use lemonade, sometimes pineapple juice (or real pineapple puree), and other times frozen strawberries. Usually, I am a purist and use only black tea for iced tea. Occasionally, I will throw in a bag or two of a fruit herbal tea. Regardless, it is always cool and refreshing.

Since I have failed to write down my creations, here are several links of variations to Starbuck’s Iced Tea:

Black Tea Lemonade

Tiger Tea

Pineapple Iced Tea

Try one of the variations on fruity, iced tea! They are good!


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