Family Film Festival at Regal Cinemas

Last summer, my kids and I were frequent attenders of the Family Film Festival at Regal Cinemas. It was our first summer back in the Pacific Northwest and the record-breaking temperatures were killing us. So, we took advantage of getting to see a free movie, as well as getting some air conditioning.

Already, my kids are deciding which movies they would like to see this summer. So far, we know we’d like to see “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything,” “Charlotte’s Web” and “Planet 51”. Decisions. Decisions.

Our family doesn’t really watch a lot of television or go to a lot of movies; however, we do use our wonderful Sno-Isle Library to check-out movies, many of which are new releases. As well, we have several “Red Box” locations in our town (You can rent movies for $1/night, and very often get FREE rental codes online). So, we are very excited about the “Family Film Festival” and getting to catch up on movies we haven’t seen.

The “Family Film Festival” is a national program, hosted by Regal Cinemas. Just select your specific state to see if there is a local theater location. Movies are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 a.m. First come, first serve. Last year, we had no problem finding a seat, even on the hottest of summer days.

To find out more about the movies that are being shown, check out these review sites, “Plugged-In” , “Common Sense Media,” and “Kids in Mind.”

Hope you are able to enjoy movies with your kids this summer!


One response to “Family Film Festival at Regal Cinemas

  1. We did this for the first time last summer. It was pretty fun. Not sure my ten year old will be as in to it this year. Maybe we can hook up with you guys one time. Which theater do you go to? We prefer Alderwood, but went to crossroads once and thought about Everett. So excited the kids are almost out of school and fun stuff like this is beginning. Yea!

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