Menu Plan Monday: June 6-12

Last week, I discovered a great podcast, Meal Makeover Moms, particularly, Episode 99, “Meal Planning 101.” The Meal Makeover Moms interviewed Laura from Organizational Junkie. Below is a brief synopsis of the podcast:

“If you’re like us and were NOT born with the organizing gene, this is the show for you. We’re joined by Laura from the blog, I’m an Organizing Junkie, who shares her strategies for planning a healthy and delicious weekly menu the whole family will love. Laura says that menu planning saved her life, so tune in and find out why!”

I have been following Laura on her blog for a while now. It was neat to hear her share how it came to fruition and more of her ideas, too. Take some time to browse her blog, and definitely listen to the podcast. Good stuff!

Sunday: End-of-Year Project Fair/Potluck with Home Schooling Friends and Family

Monday: Leftovers and/or Pancakes

Tuesday: Dinner at friend’s home/taking dessert

Wednesday: Jadon’s birthday dinner at his favorite Mexican restaurant

Thursday: Turkey-something (Defrosted a turkey. Will cook it and package it into meal-sized portions for quick go-to meals.)

Friday: Mini-Meatloaves, Brown Rice and Glazed Carrots

Saturday: Chicken Curry with Roti


3 responses to “Menu Plan Monday: June 6-12

  1. Because of you I have thought (many times) about buying a whole turkey (even if it’s not Thanksgiving) and using it for some meals. Once again, I’m reminded by this post. I’ll keep my eyes open for some deals soon. Some turkey pot pie sounds really good right now!

  2. Chicken Curry w/ Roti sounds YUMMY! Any chance for a recipe?

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