Menu Plan Monday: May 3-May 9

My calendar says it is May 2nd; however, it feels like December 2nd. Outside the skies are overcast and gray with brisk temperatures and rain coming down. So much for lighter menus. For some reason salads and grilling don’t seem quite appropriate….yet.

Last week, while at the library, I checked out two new cookbooks, which I am excited to use. One is from Willams-Sonoma, Family Meals. The other is by Bryant Terry, Vegan Soul Kitchen: Fresh, Heathy, and Creative African-American Cuisine.

Saturday night, we enjoyed the Spaghetti Carbonara from the Williams-Sonoma cookbook. It was outstanding. The kids requested it again! That’s always a good sign!

Monday: Leftover Turkey & Sausage Gumbo served with Quinoa. (Have you tried quinoa yet? If not, you must! Typically, gumbo is served over rice; however, yesterday I needed something that cooked in less time than brown rice. Quinoa was ready in 15 minutes, tasted great and added extra protein to our meal!)

Tuesday: Jambalaya & Green Salad (Jon is hosting the weekly Poker Night at our home. He requested this to serve the guys.)

Wednesday: Oven-Fried Chicken Fingers (page 197/Williams-Sonoma Family Meals Cookbook) with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and English Peas

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Homemade Pizza, Veggie Plate with a variety of dips.

Saturday: Creole Hoppin’-Jean (page 140 from Vegan Soul Kitchen) and Brown Rice with Carrot Sticks and dip.

Sunday: Breakfast for Dinner.


4 responses to “Menu Plan Monday: May 3-May 9

  1. you sooooooooooooo rock!!! Didn’t know you had this or i would have signed up much sooner. Always looking for more recipes to the collections. Awesome job hun, thanks for this work.

  2. Jada, I was just introduced to quinoa on Saturday. Yum! I’m planning on getting me some! And I was shopping for shrimp or andouille sausage for gumbo the other day and could fine any that I thought we the “right” price. I know that you use left over poultry but then you seem to pair that with sausage or shrimp. Do you have any tips for shopping for your meat that you put in your gumbo?

  3. sorry… that was supposed to be “couldn’t find any that I thought were the ‘right’ price.” I really should read my comments before I submit them!

    • foodfunfamily

      You know, I have been hard-pressed to find Andouille sausage up here. At least without having to drive a ways to get it (we live outside of Seattle, where I am sure I could find it.) With that said, what I do is just use the ‘rope sausage’ I can easily get at my local grocery store. One thing I do is to brown it before adding it to the gumbo. This seems to make it better, but of course, not as good as Andouille sausage.

      I do add shrimp sometimes. I haven’t here lately due to having folks over and not knowing if they have shellfish allergies. But, I must tell you adding a shrimp stock to the gumbo is AMAZING, even if you add no shrimp. You can make a stock using the shells and just adding water, cooking it down as you would a chicken stock using bones and such.

      There was a little market in Denver that sold homemade shrimp stock, which was out-of-this-world.

      When I am purchasing shrimp, you know, I just usually get them at Costco. If we go into Seattle, then I will purchase them at the market there (the famous one on “Sleepless in Seattle” just love PIke Place Market.) However, up here seafood is fresh, more so than when we lived in land-locked CO.

      RE: Prices, I don’t have one for shrimp b/c I don’t buy it that often. Let me check back in my price notebook and I will message you. Okay!:)

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