A Burger Like No Other–The Dutch Cup Restaurant

A few Mondays ago, we had a couple of hours to spend together as a family. We took a drive and found ourselves in Sultan, WA. Now, usually, when we head towards Sultan, we are going to Vinaccio’s Coffee, as they serve the most amazing homemade Chai Tea Latte; however, this day, it was around lunch time. For the life of me, I don’t know why, but I was really craving a down-home, real-tasting, fresh-from-the-cow burger and greasy fries!

Sure, we have many fine establishments in Monroe to choose from. Yet, I was seeking out a place like the one I used to work at in high school–The Burger Shack. And, yes, it was more or less a ‘shack’. Actually, a portable building fitted with a kitchen to make the most amazing tasting burgers in North Louisiana, complete with grilled, caramelized onions. Yum! (I just love caramelized onions. Then, add bleu cheese and bacon. Oh. My. Gracious. Now, that would have been a burger. But I digress.)

As we drove, and drove, and drove….really it’s only about 7 miles to Sultan, but it felt like forever because I was hungry and when I get hungry, well…..anyways. We finally came to The Dutch Cup. Although, we have never eaten at this restaurant, we have discovered that mom n’ pop places far exceed the fast food restaurants. Not to mention, whenever I eat at the “Golden Arches” or the “Place of Royalty”, I get seriously ill. Today, I was willing to take a gamble and try something new. We stopped the car, got out and walked in. Nothing fancy, but we were greeted by a nice waitress.

Both Jon and I agreed, this was one of the best burgers we have ever eaten. Served on a kaiser roll, which actually tasted like bread, with an irregularly shaped beef patty. Leading us to believe it was not a frozen patty, but fresh ground beef. As well, the lettuce was really green and leafy. Not to mention, the tomato actually tasted like a tomato. I am a tomato snob, too. I hate it when tomatoes are dull and tasteless. It had flavor. Real flavor. This burger was good, really good!

And the fries. Oh. my. word. I rarely eat fried foods, but when I do I am particular. People, if you are going to eat grease-laden fries, then at least make sure they are good ones, worth the calories and fat! These were my favorite kind, too. Sort of crunchy on the outside, but soft and tender on the inside. Perfect with ketchup covered in black pepper. (Yes, this is how I do it–squeeze out a bunch of ketchup then pile on the pepper. Now, you’re ready to dip!)

We agreed, the next time we are hankerin’ for a hamburger, we would head towards Sultan and go to The Dutch Cup.

Do you have a favorite burger joint? Where is it? What makes it so good?


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