Super Savings and Ice Cream, too!

This morning I had a few errands to run, one of them being to use a ‘rain check’ I had for laundry detergent at Albertson’s from a few weeks ago. Finally, it was re-stocked. I didn’t really need to go grocery shopping, but thought I would just check to see what they had. And wonderful finds were found!

I purchased over $60 worth of groceries for just over $11. That is a savings of over 80% savings! WHOOHOO!

The amazing deals were:

  • (2) bags of Pirates Booty, 1 bag of organic multi-grain chips, 1 bag of organic stone-ground blue corn tortilla chips. (These are items I, typically, don’t purchase, but needed some snacks for a gathering on Thursday night. PERFECT TIMING!)
  • (4) packages of all-natural cheese (This was the killer-deal: on sale for 2/$5 with a $2 store coupon attached. Plus, I had a $1 off of two packages. I got four bags of cheese for FREE!)
  • (3) packages of all-natural sliced cheese on sale for$3.99 with a $3 store coupon attached. Total: $.99/pkg.
  • (2) 72 ounce bottles of laundry detergent, normally 8.99 with my rain check, I paid $2.99!

I was so excited. Although I typically save a significant percentage when grocery shopping, I have never saved over 80%. And I am not one that buys items just because they are on sale, or because I have a coupon. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I purchased chips, which I shared that with a friend the other day. Trust me, it’s not because I don’t eat junk food every now and again; it’s because chips are my “trigger food”. Once I start, I can’t stop. So, I just choose not to purchase them for completely selfish reasons and my family just has to live with it! 🙂 🙂

Speaking of ‘junk food’–although ice cream is definitely not ‘junk’, but more of an ‘occasional’ food item in our home–Baskin Robbins was having their annual $.31/scoop event tonight. So, what’s a girl to do? Well, she turns the routine upside down and back again!

At 5p.m., my husband and I told the kids to get their shoes on, we were going to have dinner. Can you imagine how surprised they were when we pulled into the parking lot of the ice cream shop? My son, the follow-the-rules-child (have no idea where he gets that from) says, “Mom, we can’t have ice cream for dinner!” The free-spirited-girl-child says, “Oh, yes we can!”

Happily, we all enjoyed two scoops of ice cream (and I didn’t get sick, whoohoo!). Usually, I get sorbet; however, tonight I got a scoop of Jamoca Almond Fudge and a scoop of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  It was so good. Then, we came home and had “dessert”, which was homemade spaghetti. (Yes, my meal plan is completely thrown out the window this week. I will have to cook tomorrow, seeing as there are no leftovers to eat!)

For me, this is what it is all about: food, fun and family! Shaking things up a bit. Making memories.

Here’s and idea, something we used to do when we lived in Denver: Get the kids in their pj’s, as if it is normal bedtime routine. Then, tell them to go and get into the car. You are going for a drive, a drive to the drive-thru for ice cream cones (Or for us in Denver, we usually headed to Sonic, which I greatly miss). Although we only did this a handful of times, it was so much fun. Especially the first time, watching the kids’ faces light up when they realized we were ALL in our pj’s, going through the drive-thru to order ice cream! After all, shouldn’t they be in bed asleep!? What was mom and dad thinking?

Although some friends think that I am a risk-taker, really I am a rule-follower. Taking risks, or doing things that are against the flow, is not the norm for me. I like routine, schedules and order. Yet, doing something completely out of the ordinary with my family is how memories are made. And we have made many memories with many more to come!

So, go and make some memories with your family. Surprise your kids or spouse. Have ice cream for dinner. Or pizza for breakfast. Or pancakes at midnight while watching the fireworks for the 4th of July. The memory will last forever.

My philosophy is eat healthfully as  a rule, but don’t miss an opportunity to make a memory!


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