Menu Plan Monday: April 19-April 25


Pancakes, Cereal (hot and cold), Smoothies/Protein Shakes,


Leftovers, salads, veggie trays, soup, sandwiches


Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Couscous Chicken Salad (taken from Simply Classic a cookbook created by The Junior League of Seattle)

Wednesday: Teriyaki Chicken, Steamed Brown Rice and Crispy Ginger Slaw (taken from Simply Classic)

Thursday: Soup and Sandwiches (Time saver: make a double batch of soup, freeze one batch in gallon-sized freezer bags.)

Friday: Homemade Pizza

Saturday: Chicken in Many Mustards (taken from Simply Classic)

Years ago, I was introduced to the Simply Classic Cookbook. It is filled with mouth-watering recipes, using whole foods and ingredients that most cooks have in their pantries. For quiet some time, I have looked for a copy. Last week, I found one at a newly opened thrift store in our little town for $2.99!

You will notice that several of our meals have recipes from this cookbook. And the irony is that I am actually following them! Usually, I read cookbooks, gather ideas and then do my own thing. I have really enjoyed the recipes that I have tried and am anxious to try even more.

What is the one cookbook that you would recommend everyone purchase?

What are your favorite recipes from this cookbook?


6 responses to “Menu Plan Monday: April 19-April 25

  1. Hi Jada,
    I love the book by Sara Foster “Fresh Every Day”. Sara Foster is the owner of Foster’s Market in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Her first book is The Foster’s Market Cookbook, but my favorite is her second book, Fresh Every Day. Love all the “whole and seasonal food” recipes and ideas. A great resource for the home Chef! Happy Cooking!

  2. Jada,
    I would love some of your soup receipe’s. We are big soup eaters in our house. 🙂

    • Wendy, what ingredients do you ‘not’ like, if any? THen, I will get some soup recipes emailed to ya! ~Jada

  3. Jada, I love America’s Test Kitchen recipe books. The recipes are really good but the kitchen hints and tips are went keep me coming back.

  4. I have several.

    The Land o Lakes Treasury of Country Recipes. None of the recipes in here have EVER flopped. We love the pineapple tarragon chicken.

    Whole Grain Baking by the King Arthur Flour Company. Homemade tortillas, pita, crackers, bread, other stuff. YUM!

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