Meal Do-Overs

Have you ever wished you could have a do-over? I know in life, I have wished this a lot. Even in the world of food, there have been times when a recipe didn’t turn out as expected. Causing me to scratch my idea and wonder, “What went wrong? I, actually, followed the recipe.”

Case in point: On Monday, I made Sloppy Lentils. I have made a version of this before (different recipe) and my kids LOVED it. This attempt, not so much. There were many leftovers, and I didn’t want to be wasteful. While there are occasions where I  have to dump whatever it is that I made because it is disgusting, this wasn’t the case. It just needed a bit of tweaking. My wheels began to turn, wondering how I could re-create this meal into something tasty and delicious that my family would really enjoy. 

Voila! Usually, I put lentils into my homemade chili, so that is what I did the very next day–made homemade chili. I added loads of chili powder, cayenne pepper, cumin and some beef broth to the “Sloppy Lentils”, along with a can of red kidney beans. In less than 20 minutes, I had some mighty tasty chili, which the kids ate and requested seconds!

While the Sloppy Lentils recipe wasn’t a hit in our home (will be reverting to my original recipe), my Do-Over Meal was a winner. Jamison asked, “Mom, how did you make the chili it is so yummy?” I told her . She didn’t believe me, as she really didn’t care for the meal we had the previous day. Regardless, every bite of the chili was eaten and better yet, I got the “thumbs up”, which is the sign my family uses to decide whether or not a recipe makes it into our repertoire of meals. DO-OVER success!

So, have you had any successful “Do-Over Meals”?


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