Frugal Finds Sites

For all of you frugal shoppers, I am sure you have your most favorite websites and such. However, I just saw on Money Saving Mom that she has a new store page that is now up and running. This page shows ALL the stores weekly deals, even AZURE STANDARD!!!

Check it out here.

For my area of Washington State, I regularly check out The Coupon Project, Coupon Connections NW and Thrifty NW Mom.

I have found that I don’t have to buy processed foods to get a good deal. Regularly, I find great deals on healthy whole grains and other whole foods (organic and non-organic), all-natural cheese (just got super deal at Albertson’s a few weeks ago for Kraft All Natural), as well as household finds. I have been amazed to find organic meat deals at my local Safeway, too.

By chance last week, at my local Fred Meyer, they had Starbucks coffee in the CLEARANCE BIN! Now, I will say, I prefer coffee from my friend, Dave, at Vista Clara Coffee. However, occasionally, we run out of coffee. So, having some Starbucks in reserve is nice! And it was $3.99 for a pound! Yes, I stocked up! Love getting good deals on good-for-my-family food!

Do you have other frugal finds websites that you frequently browse?

If so, share them with me!


2 responses to “Frugal Finds Sites

  1. I have a bunch of coupons for $1 off Starbucks coffee…did they have any more in the clearance bin?

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