Salad a la Granny Smith (apples, that is!)

Sunday night, we had friends over for a Valentine’s Dinner. One brought a salad that I could not stop eating, or thinking about as the flavors were so good together. Seriously, it was SO GOOD!

Today, I tried to re-create her salad recipe, even though I was missing a few ingredients. For mine, I used:

Romaine lettuce, 4-6 cups, shredded

Zucchini, 2-3, finely diced

Granny Smith Apples, 2, cored and chopped

Walnuts, toasted 1/2 cup (My friend’s salad had cashews, which I prefer, but didn’t have, so I improvised)


(This made enough dressing for two salads. I am making another one tonight for dinner!)

1/4 cup of lemon infused olive oil

1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup of Agave nectar

Dash of salt

Dash of pepper

Toss all salad ingredients together in a bowl. For the dressing,*mix all ingredients and make sure to combine completely. *If you refrigerate any extras, you will need to re-mix as the oil and vinegar will separate.

This was so good. I am so glad she brought this, as I had Granny Smith apples in my fridge, wondering what to do with them. This is my new favorite salad. And it pairs so nicely with beef. Grill a flank steak (or other cut of beef) and serve slices on top of the salad!


2 responses to “Salad a la Granny Smith (apples, that is!)

  1. How do I infuse olive oil with lemon? This sounds yummy and I have a bunch of granny smith apples too. They are great for apple crisp and apple pie.

  2. Michelle, I used that sort of olive oil only b/c it was all that I had at the moment. She used regular olive oil and it was fine!

    I made more of this salad tonight for dinner…it is so good!

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