Meal Planning Monday

Wow, where did the weekend go? It came and went before I knew it. Now, a new week begins, which means a new meal plan.

Monday: Leftovers. Mondays are crazy-busy for us, especially this Monday, filled with homeschooling, swim lessons for the kids and music lessons, which I teach most of the afternoon/evening. Mondays are definitely made for go-to meals.

Tuesday: Italian Food. We are having friends over, so I am making something I know most kids enjoy! Specifically, we will be having Penne Pasta with Italian Sausage and an Oven Roasted Tomato Sauce (Remember all those tomatoes we received from Bountiful Baskets? Putting them to good use!)

Wednesday: Crockpot Taco Soup. I will be using ground turkey, instead of beef for this one. Recipe to come.

Thursday:  Red Beans and Rice and Homemade Cornbread. Love me some Cajun food. And this is Cajun comfort food at it’s finest. Recipe to come, too!

Friday: Pancakes. Two precious little girls are coming over to our house Friday night, so their parents can have a Date Night. So, we are going to make pancakes with funny shapes and several yummy toppings.

Saturday: Leftovers. My husband and I have a pastor’s meeting, so we will be gone most of the day. These are the days I LOVE leftovers, which we will have plenty for sure!

What are you planning to eat this week?


5 responses to “Meal Planning Monday

  1. WOW so cool that you plan for a week. Fantastic! I am finally to the point where my brain organically plans the next 3-4 nights. LOVE that. It helps so much with budget too.

  2. French dip sandwiches tonight.
    Chicken & rice casserole tomorrow.
    Chick pea & barley soup on Friday
    Burgers on Sat.
    & Sunday is game day, haven’t figured that out yet.

    Looking forward to your red beans & rice recipe. Also, how do you make refried beans? And, did you mean that you cook dried beans & then freeze them for later use? Any tips on doing that?

    • Hey, yes, I cook dried beans and freeze them to use later. Here is a website for tips on cooking/freezing. For refried beans, personally, I just process or mash my beans that I have already cooked and add some seasonings. However, here is a website with a recipe.

      Will be posting my Red Beans and Rice recipe. We were blessed with Alfy’s pizza tonight for dinner (Jon brought one home), so the Taco Soup may be saved for tomorrow. But, sometime this weekend, I will make Red Beans and Rice.

  3. Hey, hope you are feeling better. I hope you are still planning to post your red beans & rice recipe. 🙂

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