Old School Saturday Night

The last few Saturday nights, I have begun to introduce my kids to some of my retro-food favorites. You know, foods that my mom used to make, or friends’ moms, even foods I remember loving at my school’s cafeteria.

From what I gather from friends’ children, who attend public schools, what I experienced eating in my school’s cafeteria is nothing compared to the choices and selections of today’s school cafeteria. I mean, they have the hot lunch line, the cold lunch line, the grill, the canteen, etc. I may not have had all the choices, but I had some amazing food, cooked with love.

You see, I went to school in rural Louisiana. The country, pure and simple. And let me tell ya, our cooks could create some good grub! Or as we like to say in Louisiana, it was “slap yo mama good!” This had to do with the fact that these Lunch Ladies cooked for us just as they would cook for their own families. In fact, several of my friends’ moms or aunts were part of the cafeteria crew.

I can still taste the yeast rolls, beef tips and gravy, vegetable beef soup, which was always served with peanut butter and honey sandwiches. And how can I forget about the red beans and rice, served with homemade cornbread. (Remember, I did grow up in Louisiana!) Oh, yum! Good memories for me!

While  I usually make healthy foods for my family, we do have our days of letting loose and just kicking back. Days where we indulge in a variety of not-so-healthy foods, or those we should only enjoy every now and again. Yet, ones that taste so good and bring back loads of memories for me. One such selection is Tortilla Casserole. There are so many variations of this casserole, but here is one for you to try. Usually, I just wing it when I make this. What’s new, eh?

Tonight’s retro-menu consists of the following:

Tortilla Casserole, Green Salad and Apple Pie

For the salad, we used many of the vegetables that we received this morning from Bountiful Baskets. Sorry to say, though, I cannot share the apple pie recipe, as it is a top secret formula from Sara Lee.

What are some retro-foods that you still enjoy?


4 responses to “Old School Saturday Night

  1. Hello my dear Jada!

    I didn’t realize that you had a food blog. How fun! I’m so ready to try some of the yummy recipes you’ve posted!

    hope to see you soon 🙂


  2. Oh yeah….I went to a Christian high school, so we had “real” cooks, too. My favorite day was chili and cinnamon roll day. They also made killer cookies…especially those chocolate peanut butter oatmeal no-bake kind. YUMMY.

  3. Goldie and Francis were our Buford Elementary cooks. Homemade yeast rolls, mashed potatoes, pizza, and peanut butter cups to rival Reese’s………mmmmmm but what a shocker when I went to Middle School and the pizza tasted like the cardboard box it came in!

  4. We had great cooks in grade school and jr. high, too. My mom always said that we got much better lunches than she could provide for the cost (back then, it was 30 cents for lunch).

    The cooks were local women, and I “discovered” one of them was the mom of a classmate, but as kids, we didn’t really get all that.

    I remember loving their “pizza”, which was more like sloppy joes on a wonderful crust, but not juicy, with lots of cheese. It wasn’t a true raised crust, either, but somehow it was really good.

    As for “retro” food, we love potatoes and gravy (which I seldom prepare) and cole slaw, and occasionally, I’ll make meat loaf.

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