Frugal (and Healthy) Food Finds

I am a very frugal shopper, out of necessity, as well as the thrill of saving my family money. However, I don’t sacrifice quality or nutrition. I insist on feeding my family healthy foods (i.e. lots of fruits and veggies, lean meats and an occasional vegan meal once a week).

Thankfully, my husband and kids are adventurous eaters (for the most part), willing to try anything once. Personally, I have found allowing my kids to help me cook, grocery shop and select new recipes has been very influential in them eagerly trying new foods. This makes me HAPPY!

Since moving from Denver back to WA,  we really miss Sunflower Market. Sunflower is a farmer’s market, located in a shopping mall, where you could find inexpensive produce (organic and non-organic). I really miss this place. I, especially, miss Wednesdays at the market. On Wednesdays sales from the previous and current week were available. Super deals were available on healthful produce. Yes,  there are other places that sale organic produce, but some of the stores are quiet a distance from where I live now, not to mention very expensive.

As well, we don’t have a garden here like we did in Denver, where we were able to grow tons of food. Ironic, isn’t it? Living in the city/suburbs, we had a garden; now in the quasi-country, we don’t. Sadly, we just have had no time to get it going with planting a church. Also, the sunshine in Denver made it so easy to grow just about anything. However, this summer, my to-do list includes planting a garden. Sunshine, or not!

A couple of weeks ago, our local paper, The Monroe Monitor, had an article about Bountiful Baskets, a new co-op in our area.  I went to the website and thought, “Okay, we will give this a go the next time around.” They have drops every two weeks. Today, my husband picked up our first basket.

My frugal mind was blown, a huge amount of food for only $15!

Our basket contained the following:

8 grapefruit
8 oranges
8 granny smith apples
6 beets
3 stalks of broccoli
1 head of cauliflower
1 5 lb bag of potatoes
6 Asian pears
15 small cucumbers
6 zucchini
1 bag of carrots, plus some extras added to our basket.
8 bananas
1 ENORMOUS head of dark green Romaine lettuce.
(Seriously, I have NEVER seen such a head of lettuce in a supermarket.)

This was all of $15. Some is organic, some is not.

As well, for an additional $12, I purchased a case of Roma tomatoes. There is at least 90 in the case. I will be making Oven Roasted Tomatoes. I’m so excited! Talk about yummy!

Twice a month, we will purchase a basket, spending aproximately $30 (unless, I do an add-on like the tomatoes). Then, I will just purchase the loss-leaders on the front pages of the grocery stores ads, but only for items we need. Thankfully, I have nicely stocked pantry and freezer, due to stocking up on items at their rock-bottom prices (i.e. chicken was on sale at Safeway for $.67/lb, pork roast and pork ribs for $.99/lb, which my family loves!)

Also, there is a company called Azure Standard, which I have heard great things about from friends. I am hoping to place an order with them soon. Purchasing organic baking items, dried beans/lentils, popcorn, etc.

What tips and ideas do you have to feed your family healthy

foods without breaking the bank?


3 responses to “Frugal (and Healthy) Food Finds

  1. Jada,

    I do a lot of the same things you mentioned: shop the loss leaders on the front of the market ads, stock up on the meats our family likes when they’re on sale, we have a small garden, and friends also have gardens, and they share.

    We buy some things in bulk, especially tomato sauce, etc., and even rice. I have some of those huge buckets to store the extra in in the garage.

    I also make my own chicken broth, pasta sauces, etc.; and I cook extra when I make dinner so that there’s (almost 😉 ) always leftovers for lunches and to freeze for nights when we just don’t want to cook or don’t have time.

    And this year, I’m thinking of joining a co-op like you mentioned for fresh, organic veggies. (however, I just discovered a new store with organic veggies with great prices … yay!)

  2. Azure rocks! Great prices. Does this new co-op deliver my way? That is very cheap! Would love to try it.

    • Janelle, I don’t think they have a site your way. BUT, they are always looking for new places from what I have read. It’d be worth asking, though, for sure. ~Jada

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