Eat From the Pantry Challenge Update #3

Well, here it is “Menu Plan Monday” at Food. Fun. Family. Since I am participating in the “Eat From the Pantry Challenge” this month, everything that I list will come from my pantry, or the produce/fresh foods that I purchase each week from the store.

Year round, I try to keep staples, as well as a few splurges in my pantry. Personally, I have found with a few special ingredients, paired alongside of pantry staples, any meal can be turned from ordinary to extraordinary. Here and here a few ideas on stocking  a pantry. From their the possibilities are endless.

It took a while to get my pantry built up to where I wanted it. It didn’t happen overnight. However, now, I never really wonder what I can cook for dinner. As well, it makes my life much easier when we have guests (planned or last minute). Not to mention, the ease of planning a meal when I need to take one to someone in need (baby’s arrival, sick friend, or just a friend having a crazy week). In my opinion, having a well-stocked pantry is well worth the effort you will give.

  • Monday-Leftovers (I teach on Mondays until 8:00p.m. with only a 30 minute break between music lessons. Quick meals are my friend on these days (i.e. leftovers, crockpot, etc.)
  • Tuesday- Homemade Pizza (Possibly going to a friend’s home, but making a plan just in case.)
  • Wednesday-CELEBRATION MEAL with Hubby/Daddy, who returns home tonight after the kids Children’s Music Academy class. This will be a departure from the “Eat From the Pantry Challenge,” but one well-worth it! My wonderful husband has been gone for nine days, so we are celebrating his return without breaking the bank!
  • Thursday-Chicken Curry  with Basmati Rice and Homemade Naan and steamed veggies (broccoli and cauliflower)I find all of my basic recipes at All Recipes. Check out the links on my blog. I love this site and use it frequently. I may not follow the recipe, but they are good to guide me in creating my own version.
  • Friday-Homemade Soup with veggie tray. When I make homemade soup, I always make a lot to freeze for quick lunches during the week, or for quick dinners when the day has just been crazy-busy.

So, what’s on your menu this week?


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