Challenge Update #2

Well, this week has been a bit crazy for our family. My husband left for school in Florida and won’t return until next Wednesday. The kids have been sad, even cried during music class yesterday. While I am the teacher of their class, Daddy is their parent-partner. However, we had a superb stand-in, a dear friend from our church.

In order to dry some of the tears and take away a bit of the sad hearts, I treated them to McDonald’s last night, complete with a Happy Meal (Big treat for them!), which included a toy from Alvin and the Chipmunks. (Funtimes!?!?!) Even though we compromised on the “going out- to -eat goal”, we are still staying within our weekly food-budget goal.

Today, we ventured out to Fred Meyer to pick up some milk and fresh produce. I was amazed at the deals that I found (actually, kids picked out all the veggies):

  • one 2 lb bag of organic broccoli for $2.49
  • 2.3 lbs of cauliflower for 1.49/lb (more expensive than in Denver, but my kids LOVE cauliflower! I just like that they love veggies!)
  • two 2 lb block of mozzarella cheese for 3.99 pkg (coupon in the ad)
  • two huge acorn squash, which we love, for $1/each. (Last week, they were $.78/lb and I opted not to purchase them. YEA! Glad I waited!)
  • 2 bunches of green onions $.44/bunch
  • 1 gallon of 1% milk for $.99/gallon (This was not on clearance, but just an unadvertised special that I stumbled upon. I was so thankful because, as noted last week, my girl goes through the milk.)
  • 1 lb. pkg. of coffee. Splurge, but it was 1/2 off and had a $1 coupon. So, I got some great tasting coffee for $2.99, as compared to original price of $7.99. WHOOHOO! In our house, coffee is a necessity. With hubby being gone, it’s the simple pleasures that bring me peace and joy. A hot cup of coffee is just the answer!

My total was approximately $24. Some of the items from last week carried over to this week (i.e. eggs, yogurt, oranges.)

Menu Plan for the week: *just dinner*

Monday- Since I taught and then had a meeting to attend, hubby cooked.  The kids had one of my mom’s creations from my childhood, hotdogs topped with mashed potatoes and cheese and a sidedish of veggies. The kids love this and request it every time she comes.

Tuesday-We kept it simple and had breakfast for dinner, cereal and/or homemade pancakes and fruit.


Thursday-Meatball Sandwiches, except for the kids I, basically, make meat sauce sandwiches and top with a bit of mozzarella cheese on hoagie rolls. Then, toast them in the oven.

Friday-Homemade Pizza. They have so much fun helping to make these.

Saturday-Crockpot Soup. I will make enough for Sunday lunch after church.


One response to “Challenge Update #2

  1. Our Safeway and QFC both had the milk at .99 a gallon too with a coupon. You get some great deals at Fred Meyer and Albertsons. Both of them are a drive for me (Issaquah and Redmond) so its not worth my time/gas. I do well with Safeway and loss leaders at QFC, and of course the big old Costco, but I’d love Fred and Albert a bit closer! I only leave the valley when necessary – like to go to Costco! 🙂

    Loving your blog. I’m reading through Julia Child’s first edition of the ‘Art of French Cooking’ right now as well as another book of hers of tips and tricks (the name escapes me). I’m going to make her Beef Boulion next week! Chris is looking forward to it.


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