Challenge Update #1

I went to the store today (Fred Meyers) and bought:

Eggs- on sale for 99/dozen, limit 2

Dairy-Milk was $.75/gallon, purchased 2, drink one/freeze one. (Not organic, but still a great deal and my daughter goes thru milk like crazy.) Gogurts on sale $.75/box. (The kids LOVE these frozen, so I got five boxes. Quick, healthy treat that they think is super-cool.)

Produce– navel oranges $.68/lb, bananas $.59/lb, organic fancy lettuce 1.49 (super-sale), lettuce $.44/bag and organic shredded cole slaw $.99/bag (contains shredded broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages and carrots. I use this for coleslaw, salads, soups and even stirred into spaghetti sauce.)

I did cheat (stockpile) b/c they had organic sweetened condensed milk on sale for $.89/can. I got three cans to stockpile my pantry for making sweets and such. All total, I spent less than $25. YEA!

Today, we had Cornbread Fritters, Bean and Ham Soup, using dried beans and a frozen ham bone from Christmas dinner. It was amazing, too, especially with sliced hot peppers on top! YUMMY! I am quiet sure that this meal cost WAY under $5. (Have you visited $5dinners? You should.) There will definitely be leftovers, which is nice, especially since hubby is going out of town. I can freeze this in individual portions for me and the kids to eat for lunches and such.

My challenge is off to a good start. I am excited! Even without a challenge, I love serving my family healthful, budget-friendly and tasty foods that they can eat and enjoy.

Remember, one of m goals was to continue to practice hospitality during this “Challenge”, too. Sunday at church, we have a fellowship meal after our worship gathering. I will be able to use things from my pantry, too! We were gifted some yummy treats, so I will be taking those to share with our church family!

How are y’all doing?


2 responses to “Challenge Update #1

  1. Wow, you got some wonderful deals! Good job.

  2. I cannot believe how cheap all that was, especially the milk. That’s so much less than it would cost me here!

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