Eat From the Pantry Challenge: January 2010

I can only imagine what you are thinking, “She is gonna do what? For how long? Is she crazy?”

To answer the questions:

1. Eat only from my pantry/freezer/fridge.
2. For one month.
3. Quite possibly.

Money Saving Mom and FishMama are putting up a challenge. And, well, being the competitive person that I am, I couldn’t turn this one down. The month of January 2010, my family will only be eating from our pantry (and freezer and fridge).  My husband, Jon, and I had already discussed this possibility, although we didn’t have this clever name or plan formulated.

Along with the happenings of our normal, everyday lives, we will be kicking into a “higher gear” in just a few days.  Jon resumes his educational journey, pursuing a doctoral degree in worship theology, and I will begin a course in Systematic Theology.  Crazy, I know, but such is life.

Being the planner that I am, I figured that I would try to do more than my usual menu plans this month. Earlier today, I was revising my pantry and freezer lists in my Handy Dandy Household Notebook, which I will share more about one day, as well as compiling a menu plan for the month of January. Then, I read about the Eat From the Pantry Challenge. This was just the push that I needed.

I am really quiet excited about this.  This challenge will allow me to save some money, be extremely creative and free up a little bit of time.  Beginning the week of January 4th, GAME ON!

My goals in this challenge are:

  • To only purchase milk, eggs and produce (fresh fruits/veggies), as needed.
  • To use what we have in our freezer and pantry.
  • To be content and satisfied with what we have.
  • To be creative in food preparation and presentation while providing my family(and guests) with tasty and healthful meals.
  • To continue to practice hospitality during this month.

So, I would love for some of you to join me. Are you up for the challenge? Make realistic goals, take baby steps and just do what you can.

Periodically, throughout the month, I will post our progress and pitfalls. It’s sure to be fun and I promise my family GOOD FOOD! GAME ON! Go TEAM SWANSON!


4 responses to “Eat From the Pantry Challenge: January 2010

  1. i bet you will have fun with this, jada! can’t wait to see what you will be cooking up! we are moving mid-month, so i am just hoping to not eat cereal for dinner for an extended period of time. 🙂

  2. Hey girl, I guess I sort of tried that this month. I hate spending my “time off” in the grocery store or planning, so I did the month of menus and headed to the store- planning to only pick up perishables as needed. It really does take a load off. We haven’t been totally successful- we went out to eat once (my hubby’s weakness) but if I tell him it is a Challenge– I bet he’ll go for it! Only quirk is my month goes from 15-15th. Will work on it- and join you in the journey!

  3. Great idea! I’ve done this for a week before, but never a full month. We are going dairy free for the month, so I won’t be joining in. Got enough challenges with that. I will be going cash only and halving my budget. We’ll see how it goes.

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